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Finger millet is susceptible to abiotic stresses, especially drought and salinity stress, in the field during seed germination and early stages of seedling development. Therefore developing stress tolerant finger millet plants combating drought, salinity and associated oxidative stress in these two growth stages is important. Cellular protection through(More)
In wireless sensor-actor networks, sensors probe their surroundings and forward their data to actor nodes. Actors collaboratively respond to achieve predefined application mission. Since actors have to coordinate their operation, it is necessary to maintain a strongly connected network topology at all times. Failure of one or multiple actors may partition(More)
There are not many studies on long term follow up of children following surgery for posterior urethral valve in India. This study was done to assess the growth and renal function of children who had completed five years after surgery for posterior urethral valve at our hospital. Thirty children were included in this study. They were assessed retrospectively(More)
In this paper, with a new idea, we redefine generalized fuzzy ideal and investigate some of its properties. We generalize fuzzy prime ideals and introduce the notions of (∈, ∈ ∨q)−fuzzy prime ideal of ordered semigroups. We characterize (∈, ∈ ∨q)−fuzzy prime ideal by its image and level ideals. We establish necessary and sufficient condition for fuzzy set(More)
The optical communication might have achieved tremendous growth, but the fiber non linearity limits its performance. The non linear impairments in optical networks have crucial effects when data rates, transmission lengths, number of wavelengths in wavelength conversion and optical signal power level increases, so the non linear effects must be overcome. As(More)
In this paper, we introduce generalized fuzzy weakly interior ideals of an ordered semigroup. We generalize fuzzy interior ideals of an ordered semigroup. We establish necessary and sufficient condition for a fuzzy set to be a generalized fuzzy weakly interior ideal. We establish three equivalent conditions for an ordered semigroup to be regular. We(More)
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