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This paper presents a new reference data set and associated quantification methodology to assess the accuracy of registration of computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic-resonance (MR) images. Also described is a new semiautomatic surface-based system for registering and visualizing CT and MR images. The registration error of the system was determined(More)
Current technology for 3D visualization, modeling and interaction allows the construction of attractive virtual environments for study of anatomy, surgery and other biomedical fields. The formative methodology for designing such environments is uncharted, but necessary before committing to large scale development. We present one such methodology undertaken(More)
Presentation of content in hyperlinked multimedia formats for teaching has failed using the computer's power of navigation through rich visual and auditory information. We have developed "Information Frames", an authoring tool in hypertext markup language (html) format, that allows easy utilization by technology-challenged teachers and professors, and(More)
This paper describes a semi-automatic system for registering and visualizing CT (Computer Tomog-raphy) and MR (Magnetic Resonance) images the cervical spine. Registration requires identifying similar objects or structures in each image set. Identifying similar structures for this application is complicated because complementary imaging modalities are used.(More)
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