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The edges provide important visual information since they correspond to major physical and geometrical variations in scene object. Edge detection is a terminology in image processing that refers to algorithms which aim at identifying edges in an image. In this paper a Feedforward Neural Network (FNN) based algorithm is proposed to detect edges in gray scale(More)
AIMS To establish the frequency and risk factors for visual loss in a primary referral cohort of hospital patients with uveitis. METHODS 561 consecutive uveitis patients attending three district hospitals were recruited and the acuity at the end of the study period recorded. A retrospective case-control study of risk factors for visual loss (permanent(More)
Repeated membrane plasma separation with on-line sorbent treatment of plasma was performed in unrestrained and conscious rats, thus avoiding the possible effects of repeated stress and exposure to anesthetic agents. The procedure was well tolerated, even after four consecutive perfusions. Blood flow was 0.7 ml/min, with a transmembrane pressure of 18.6 mm(More)