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The development of suitable techniques for quantifying mechanical and electrophysiological aspects of uterine contractions has been an active area of research. The uterus is a physiological system consisting of a large number of interacting muscle cells. The activity of these cells evolves with time, a trait characteristic of a dynamical system. While such(More)
The surface of dormant Bacillus anthracis spores consists of a multilayer of protein coats and a thick peptidoglycan layer that allow the cells to resist chemical and environmental insults. During germination, the spore coat is degraded, making the spore susceptible to chemical inactivation by antisporal agents as well as to mechanical inactivation by(More)
A simple approach to enhancing the activity and stability of organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH) is developed based on interactions between the hydrophobic poly(propylene oxide) (PPO) block of amphiphilic Pluronics and the enzyme. This strategy provides an efficient route to new formulations for decontaminating organophosphate neurotoxins.
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