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This paper evaluates the suitability of the MapReduce model for multi-core and multi-processor systems. MapRe-duce was created by Google for application development on data-centers with thousands of servers. It allows programmers to write functional-style code that is automatically parallelized and scheduled in a distributed system. We describe Phoenix, an(More)
The NetFPGA platform enables students and researchers to build high-performance networking systems in hardware. A new version of the NetFPGA platform has been developed and is available for use by the academic community. The NetFPGA 2.1 platform now has interfaces that can be parameterized, therefore enabling development of modular hardware designs with(More)
An understanding of international dental education systems is critical for the education of foreign-trained dentists in U.S. dental programs. However, there is little information on this topic. This article provides information regarding 1) dental history, 2) dental school system, 3) curriculum/examination at dental school, and 4) dental licensure in India(More)
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