Raman Paranjape

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This work presents a self-aware diabetic patient software agent for representing a human diabetic patient. To develop a 24h, stochastic and self-aware patient agent, we extend the original seminal work of Ackerman et al. [1] in creating a mathematical model of human blood glucose levels in three aspects. (1) We incorporate the stochastic and unpredictable(More)
A mobile multi-agent system is proposed to create solutions for the university course timetabling problem. It is composed of four kinds of agents: (mobile) Course Agents, and (stationary) Signboard, Publisher and Interface Agents. The key strength of this new approach is to use a fundamental attribute of Agents that of autonomy. This autonomy is manifested(More)
This paper proposes a general solution model using agent technology in order to solve two critical open issues in the course timetabling problem: application-specific issues and dynamic-constraint issues. In our solution model, each agent in the system represents a constraint in the course timetabling problem. Compared to existing course timetabling(More)