Raman K. Singh

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Soybean–wheat cropping system is predominant in vertisols of central India. Long-term field experiment was conducted to assess the effect of four tillage systems [conventional tillage (CT), mouldboard tillage (MB), reduced tillage (RT) and no tillage (NT)] and three rates of fertilizer N (50, 100 and 150 % of recommended fertilizer) on crop yields, root(More)
This study shows that the chemical reactivities depend on the orbital energy gaps contributing to the reactions. In the process where a reaction only makes progress through charge transfer with the minimal structural transformation of the reactant, the orbital energy gap gradient (OEGG) between the electron-donating and electron-accepting orbitals is proven(More)
The possibility of quantitative reaction analysis on the orbital energies of long-range corrected density functional theory (LC-DFT) is presented. First, we calculated the Diels-Alder reaction enthalpies that have been poorly given by conventional functionals including B3LYP functional. As a result, it is found that the long-range correction drastically(More)
A wide range of aa'vanced technology for existing and emerging products based on high temperature metal-ceramic composites used in aircrafts, cutting tools, lithium-ion based rechargeable batteries, superconductors, field emission based flat-panel displays, etc. employ micron to submicron sized (0.1-10 microns) particulate precursors in their manufacturing(More)
In this communication, we show the feasibility of the pulsed laser ablation technique to make very thin, uniform luminescent coatings on particulate systems. To deposit continuous particulate coatings, the laser-induced plume from the target comes in contact with an agitated bed of core particles ͑size 1 ␮m͒. The pressure and nature of the background gas(More)
This paper describes synthesis and characterization of calcium-crosslinked nanocarriers of pectin biopolymer and examines their possible applications in controlled irrigation in agriculture. Nanocarriers were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for structural characterization, while the size and surface morphology of the particles was(More)
Accelerated soil erosion degrades soil quality and undermines ecosystem functions and services. It is important to assess the severity of erosion, demarcate tolerable limits for sustainable crop production, conservation planning for soil resources, and identify the alternative land uses. Irrespective of soil type, climate and vegetation cover, the tolerable(More)
An orbital energy-based reaction analysis theory is presented as an extension of the orbital-based conceptual density functional theory. In the orbital energy-based theory, the orbitals contributing to reactions are interpreted to be valence orbitals giving the largest orbital energy variation from reactants to products. Reactions are taken to be electron(More)
Efficient nutrient management in conservation tillage is one of the major concerns in vertisols as residue retention on soil surface and reduction in tillage operation can have a major impact on nutrient dynamics and stratification. The present study examined profile distribution of soil organic carbon (SOC) and available phosphorous under long-term (12(More)
The difference between the excitation energies and corresponding orbital energy gaps, the exciton binding energy, is investigated based on time-dependent (TD) density functional theory (DFT) for long-chain systems: all-trans polyacetylenes and linear oligoacenes. The optimized geometries of these systems indicate that bond length alternations significantly(More)