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Advancement of gas sensor technology over the past few decades has led to significant progress in pollution control and thereby, to environmental protection. An excellent example is the control of automobile exhaust emissions, made possible by the use of oxygen gas sensors. Since early 1970's there have been sustained studies on oxygen sensors and has led(More)
Multicore computing platforms have emerged as the most common computing platform to overcome challenges stemming from high power densities and thermal hot spots in conventional microprocessors. However, providing multiple cores does not directly translate into increased performance or better energy efficiency for most applications. The burden is placed on(More)
The paper discusses the automation of a free-standing greenhouse using supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) system. The end product is expected to give the farmer or enduser a kiosk type approach. Entire greenhouse operation will be governed and monitored through this kiosk. This approach is fairly novel considering the unified system design(More)
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