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In surveillance applications, it is common to have multiple cameras observing targets exhibiting motion on a ground plane. Tracking and estimation of the location of a target on the plane becomes an important inference problem. In this paper, we study the problem of combining estimates of location obtained from multiple cameras. We model the relation(More)
A finite (µ, S)-frame variety consists of the real or complex matrices F = [f 1 · · · f N ] with frame operator F F * = S, and which also satisfyies f i = µ i for all i = 1,. .. , N. Here, S is a fixed Hermitian positive definite matrix and µ = [µ 1 · · · µ N ] is a fixed list of lengths. These spaces generalize the well-known spaces of finite unit-norm(More)
High dimensionality is a common problem in statistical inference, and is becoming more prevalent in modern data analysis settings. While often data of interest may have a large – often unmanageable – dimension, modifications to various well-known techniques can be made to improve performance and aid interpretation. We typically assume that although(More)
This is a sample abstract for a dissertation for the University of Maryland Graduate School. Note that the number of words for a Master's thesis is 150 words. For a doctoral dissertation the abstract should not exceed 350 words or 2450 characters. To Tux, For saving me from Micro$oft hell. iii iv Acknowledgments I would like to thank my nanny for making all(More)
Detection of bone fragments and other physical contaminations in deboned poultry meat has become increasingly important to ensure food quality and safety. Traditional X-ray imaging detection technologies have significant difficulties detecting contaminations because of the meat tissue thickness variation. In order to address the thickness variation problem,(More)
Many surveillance sites are heavily crowded. Occlusion is a major factor to be considered in building surveillance systems for these sites. To achieve a certain degree of visibility, one requires multiple cameras and collaboration between them so that an object is detected using information available from all the cameras in the scene. In this thesis, we(More)
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