Ramakrishnan Sabitha

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The demand for fast transfer of large volumes of data, and the deployment of the network infrastructures is ever increasing. However, the dominant transport protocol of today, TCP, does not meet this demand because it favors reliability over timeliness and fails to fully utilize the network capacity due to limitations of its conservative congestion control(More)
In wireless ad hoc network the wireless sensor networks form a great part in the recent period. There are many challenging issues that have been faced in the wireless sensor networks. Data collection by improving the throughput performance forms a great issue. To increase the throughput performance over a dense area network with large number of sensor nodes(More)
Competent data mining methods are vital to discover knowledge from databases which are built as a result of enormous growth of data. Various techniques of data mining are applied to obtain knowledge from these databases. Data clustering is one such descriptive data mining technique which guides in partitioning data objects into disjoint segments. K-means(More)
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