Ramakrishna Vadlamani

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The use of dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS) in contemporary multicores provides significant protection from unpredictable thermal events. A side effect of DVFS can be an increased processor exposure to soft errors. To address this issue, a flexible fault prevention mechanism has been developed to selectively enable a small amount of per-core(More)
In many current SoCs, the architectural interface to on-chip monitors is ad hoc and inefficient. In this paper, a new architectural approach which advocates the use of a separate low-overhead subsystem for monitors is described. A key aspect of this approach is an on-chip interconnect specifically designed for monitor data with different priority levels.(More)
Recent virtual network implementations have shown the capability to implement multiple network data planes using a shared hardware substrate. In this project, a new scalable virtual networking data plane is demonstrated which combines the performance efficiency of FPGA hardware with the flexibility of software running on a commodity PC. Multiple virtual(More)
—Network virtualization presents a powerful approach to share physical network infrastructure among multiple virtual networks. Recent advances in network virtualization advocate the use of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) as flexible high performance alternatives to conventional host virtualization techniques. However, the limited on-chip logic and(More)
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