Ramakanth P Kumar

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We report a case of primary Sjögren's syndrome presenting with multiple cranial nerve palsies and radiological evidence of cranial pachymeningitis and hypophysitis. A 47-year-old woman developed right sensory neural hearing loss followed, 2 months later, by right facial palsy. Cranial magnetic resonance imaging showed features of pachymeningitis and(More)
Zoning is one of the popular methods used for the optical character recognition of documents. In this paper the zoning approach is used for recognition of printed Kannada numerals. The input scanned document image containing printed Kannada numerals is binarized. The noise present in the document in the form of tiny dots is eliminated. The row segmentation(More)
Language identification is an important pre-processing step for any Natural Language Processing task. Kannada Language is an Indian Language and lot of research is being carried out on Kannada Language Processing. Major parts of online documents like websites are combination of Kannada and English Sentences. Language Identification is a preprocessing step(More)
We present two unusual cases of carcinoma of palatine tonsil in elderly patients. Both the cases were initially diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil, second case, in addition, showed lung metastasis. On subsequent follow-up, the first case developed cutaneous metastasis in the right frontoparietal region while second case showed granulocytosis(More)
In today's internet world is full of data steals and hackers. So, there is a essential to design a system that assists the internet users to interchange their secret and private data safely across the web. Information-hiding process in a Steganography system starts by identifying medium's redundant bits. The encryption process creates a stego medium by(More)
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