Ramadoss Janarthanan

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The limited availability of channel resources offers a bottleneck on the allocation of channels to subscribers in wirelesss mobile communication systems. This paper provides a novel technique for dynamic channel assignment in mobile cellular networks by constructing a suitable objective function, the optimization of which yields a solution to the problem.(More)
—Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is extensively used for real parameter optimization in diverse fields of study. This paper describes an application of PSO to the problem of designing a fractional-order proportional-integral-derivative (PI λ D δ) controller whose parameters comprise proportionality constant, integral constant, derivative constant,(More)
— The present work provides a new approach to solve the well-known multi-robot cooperative box pushing problem as a multi objective optimization problem using modified Multi-objective Particle Swarm Optimization. The method proposed here allows both turning and translation of the box, during shift to a desired goal position. We have employed local planning(More)