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Big Data and cloud computing are complementary technological paradigms with a core focus on scalability, agility, and on-demand availability. The rise of cloud computing and cloud data stores have been a precursor and facilitator to the emergence of big data. Cloud computing turns traditional siloed computing assets into shared pools of resources that are(More)
Big data is the next frontier for modernization, rivalry, and profitability. It is the foundation of all the major trends such as social networks, mobile devices, healthcare, stock markets etc. Big data is efficiently stored in the cloud because of its high-volume, high-speed and high-assortment data resources. An unauthorized user access control is the(More)
In cloud computing computational paradigm, the main objective is to incorporate efficient access control and confidentiality services on accessing Big Data in storage perspective. Several Attribute Based Encryption (ABE) schemes have emerged in this perspective and served the purpose. Most of the attribute based encryption schemes use bilinear pairing(More)
Big data and cloud computing are the two top IT initiatives that are in the mind for industries across the globe. Both innovations keep on evolving. As a delivery model for IT services, cloud computing has the potential to enhance agility and productivity while enabling greater efficiencies and reducing costs. As a result a number of enterprises are(More)
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