Ramachandran Vaidyanathan

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A binary-tree algorithm, Bin(n), proceeds level-by-level from the leaves of a 2 n-leaf balanced binary tree to its root. This paper deals with running binary-tree algorithms on multiple bus networks (MBNs) in which processors communicate via buses. Every " binary-tree MBN " has a degree (maximum number of buses connected to a processor) of at least 2. There(More)
Optics is acknowledged as the most viable means to meet the bandwidth needs of future interconnects. While the optical medium can easily deliver huge bandwidths, this bandwidth is difficult to harness; this is because of engineering and technological constraints associated with accommodating a large number of high-speed lasers and photodetectors within a(More)
We present an optimal and scalable permutation routing algorithm for three reconfigurable models based on linear arrays that allow pipelining of information through an optical bus. Specifically, for any PN, our algorithm routes any permutation of N elements on a P-processor model optimally in O(N P) steps. This algorithm extends naturally to one for routing(More)