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The mechanism by which (-) deprenyl enhances cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease (AD) is not yet understood. (-) Deprenyl (0.2 mg/kg/day) was administered intramuscularly to adult male monkeys (n = 6) for 25 days. Control monkeys (n = 6) received physiological saline by the same route. The activity of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) in different brain(More)
Subjective descriptions of recovery from schizophrenia may be different from clinical recovery measures. The aim of the review was to identify the consumer perspectives of recovery from schizophrenia. Twenty-five studies within the period of 2000-2013, including qualitative and quantitative studies were reviewed by using different search strategies. An(More)
BACKGROUND People with mental illness are vulnerable to human rights violations and people with illiteracy and mental illness are at a double disadvantage. OBJECTIVE To determine the role of education in ascertaining human rights needs of people with mental illness. METHODOLOGY This was a descriptive study carried out among randomly selected (N = 100)(More)
Nursing education is a challenge in a developing country like India. This cross sectional study assessed the attitudes and perceptions of nursing professionals and their desired future practices. The study was conducted using a modified version of Beliefs, Attitudes and Perceived Practice questionnaire among 129 students who were undergoing undergraduate(More)
BACKGROUND Human rights violations among the people with mental illness were not an uncommon occurrence. The present study was aimed to compare persons with psychiatric illness and their caregivers' perceptions regarding the human rights status of people with mental illness in the community. MATERIALS AND METHODS A descriptive design was carried out among(More)
CONTEXT The concerns of caregivers of patients with neurological disorders have been a felt need for a long time, with many of them experiencing significant psychiatric morbidity. AIMS This study aimed to find the effect of yoga in reducing anxiety and depression, as well as improving quality-of-life in caregivers of patients with neurological disorders.(More)
BACKGROUND Health care professions are not immune to social prejudices and surprisingly share the general public's attitude attributed to people with mental illness. Nursing students are future health manpower research related to nursing students attitudes toward mental illness is limited. AIM The aim of this following study is to examine the(More)
Nurses play a significant role in identifying and securing potential organ donors in the clinical environment. Research among Indian nurses related to organ donation is sparse. The present study aimed to investigate nurses' attitudes towards organ donation. A cross-sectional descriptive survey was carried out among nurses (n=184) at a tertiary care centre.(More)
This descriptive study examined gender differences related to attitudes toward suicide among randomly selected urban residents. Data was collected using a standardized questionnaire through face-to-face interview. Our findings revealed that men hold more pro preventive attitudes to help persons with suicidal thoughts (80.3 %, p = 0.05) and agreed that(More)
BACKGROUND Globally women confront manifold violations of human rights and women with poverty and mental illness are doubly disadvantaged. AIM The aim was to examine the influence of poverty in meeting human rights needs among recovered women with mental illness at family and community level. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a descriptive study carried(More)