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This paper presents an effective quasi one-dimensional (1-D) computational simulation methodology and some important results for steady annular/stratified (or film wise) internal condensing flows of pure vapor. Though the approach is strictly valid for smooth, laminar vapor/laminar condensate flows, it is also approximately valid for laminar condensate and(More)
The reported experimental results are for annular zones of fully condensing flows of pure FC-72 vapor. The flow condenses on the horizontal condensing surface (316 stainless steel) which is the bottom surface (wall) of a rectangular cross-section duct of 2 mm height, 15 mm width, and 1 m length. The sides and top of the duct are made of clear plastic. The(More)
The act of measurement bridges the quantum and classical worlds by projecting a superposition of possible states into a single (probabilistic) outcome. The timescale of this 'instantaneous' process can be stretched using weak measurements, such that it takes the form of a gradual random walk towards a final state. Remarkably, the interim measurement record(More)
We have investigated the effects of UV irradiation on the electrical and optical properties of polycrystalline In 2 O 3 films. We found that UV illumination at a peak wavelength of 365 nm leads to a sharp drop in resistance and increase in carrier concentration. This highly conductive state persists for a timescale of hours in air at room temperature after(More)
In Alfisols, potassium (K) deficiency limits productivity, as these soils are poor in K-bearing minerals such as mica. As nutrient management practices greatly influence K nutrition of crops especially in the longer term, we evaluated the effects of 27 (1978–2004) years of cropping fingermillet (Eleusine coracana G.) under different manure and mineral(More)
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