Ramachandra Bhat

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INTRODUCTION Most ectopic sebaceous glands have been reported in the tissues of ectodermal origin. However, there are relatively a few reports of ectopic sebaceous glands in the oesophagus, an organ of endodermal origin. CASE PRESENTATION We report the case of an asymptomatic 54-year-old man with ectopic oesophageal sebaceous glands. These lesions were(More)
BACKGROUND Wiping of the mouth and nose at birth is an alternative method to oronasopharyngeal suction in delivery-room management of neonates, but whether these methods have equivalent effectiveness is unclear. METHODS For this randomised equivalency trial, neonates delivered at 35 weeks' gestation or later at the University of Alabama at Birmingham(More)
Introduction. The congenital anomalies of breast, especially the polymastia (supernumerary breast) and polythelia (supernumerary nipple), always do not fail to amuse the clinicians because of their varied presentations, associated renal anomalies, and pathologies arising from them. The axillary polymastia is a variant of ectopic breast tissue (EBT). Ectopic(More)
Stress is the phenomenal; any stimulus which displaces the state of normal physiological function can cause stress and has its effect in various forms. Somatic growth and development are also affected by stress affecting growth releasing hormone. This study was conducted to observe growth pattern in normal and stressed condition in growing mice. Experiments(More)
Multifocal and diffuse infantile hepatic hemangioendotheliomas commonly present with signs of high-output congestive heart failure. In addition, prolonged persistent pulmonary overcirculation eventually leads to the development of pulmonary hypertension at a later age. We report a 2-day old, full-term infant with multifocal, large infantile hepatic(More)
Ganglion cysts are tumor-like lesions in the soft tissues, generated by mucoid degeneration of the joint capsule, tendon or tendon sheaths on the dorsum of hand, wrist and foot. However, an intratendinous origin for a ganglion cyst is extremely rare. During dissection of the popliteal fossa, a cyst of 2.5 cm×2 cm×0.5 cm was observed in the tendon of right(More)
Schwannoma affect mainly head, neck, and flexor aspect of the limbs. Neurogenic tumors arising from the brachial plexus are rare and axillary schwannoma is extremely uncommon. Cystic degeneration is common in longstanding cases and which when aspirated may yield only macrophages or lymphocytes leading to false diagnosis of the case in spite of strong(More)
Pilomatrixoma (PMX) is a skin appendage tumor of hair matrix origin, which usually occurs on the face or upper extremities. Although the lesion can appear at any age, it is commonly seen in children and is more common in females. Despite being better defined, pilomatricomas continue to be frequently misdiagnosed and are not usually considered in(More)