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A Quantitative Controllability Index
A controllability index, which quantifies the cost associated with dynamic controllability, is proposed. The index depends quantitatively on the process alternative and control system alternative forExpand
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A Shortcut Method for Controlled Variable Selection and Its Application to the Butane Alkylation Process
The importance of selecting controlled variables appropriately for an entire process has long been recognized. However, because of its combinatorial nature, finding an optimal set of controlledExpand
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Hierarchical procedure for plantwide control system synthesis
A hierarchical procedure for synthesizing an optimal plantwide control system is proposed for an existing continuous chemical process. Alternative plantwide control systems are synthesized and areExpand
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Evaluation of cost of dynamic controllability and optimal surge capacity without dynamic models
It is well-known that the most economical design from a steady-state economics perspective does not necessarily need to be easily controllable and might, in some extreme cases, even beExpand
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Design of plantwide control systems
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A Short-Cut Method for Optimal Selection of Controlled Variables
Abstract Selecting an optimal set of controlled variables requires the evaluation of all possible sets of controlled variables. The number of possible sets of controlled variables grows exponentiallyExpand
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