Rama Sushil

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Locating mobile agents in a network of mobile agent systems still represents an open research issue. The cost of location management strategies mainly depends on the cost of search and update. We have developed a location management technique, named broadcasting with search by path chase (BSPC), applicable for multi-region environments. Using a Petri net(More)
To meet ever-changing business needs, organizations are required to invest time and budget to scale up IT infrastructure such as hardware, software and services. However with own premises and investment in IT infrastructure scaling process can be slow and costly. Moreover, even if organizations scale up their IT infrastructure, these are hardly able to(More)
Cloud computing is the future of the next generation architecture of IT solutions. Cloud provides computing resources on subscription basis over the internet. The Cloud data storage network includes a Third Party Auditor which has the power and capabilities that a client does not have. It is a trusted entity that has the access to, other than cloud and(More)
Cloud computing is the growing technology of large scale distributed computing. It provides on-demand access to distributed resources, which are available in open environment on paid basis. Because all most all the industries now a days want to use these services to reduce infrastructure and maintenance cost, therefore the load on cloud is increasing day by(More)
Mobile agents are processes that can be dispatched from source computer and be transported to remote servers for execution, have been widely argued to be an important enabling technology for future systems. Location management is a necessity for locating mobile agents in a network of mobile agent hosts for controlling, monitoring and communication during(More)
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