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Genetic mechanisms are already predominant during embryonic craniofacial morphogenesis, but environment is also thought to influence dentofacial morphology postnatally, particularly during facial growth. A better understanding of the relative effects of genes and environment on dentofacial and occlusal parameters should improve our knowledge on the etiology(More)
Outliers are abnormal instances or observations. Detecting data outliers is a very important concept in Knowledge data discovery. Outlier detection has been studied in the context of a large number of research areas like large distributed systems, data mining, wireless sensor networks(WSN), health monitoring, environmental science, statistics, etc. ,(More)
To implement divisive hierarchical clustering algorithm with K-means and to apply Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering on the resultant data in data mining where efficient and accurate result. In Hierarchical Clustering by finding the initial k centroids in a fixed manner instead of randomly choosing them. In which k centroids are chosen by dividing the(More)
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