Rama Malladi

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Radio Astronomy demands for HPC power have been rising and are expected to reach exaflop scale by 2020. To address such huge demands for compute, users are testing newer CPU architectures and accelerator architectures such as GPUs and FPGAs. Intel, with the help of HPC Ecosystem partners, has stated a goal to deliver exascale computing capability by 2018.(More)
Heterogeneous computer architectures, where CPUs co-exist with accelerators such as vector coprocessors, GPUs and FPGAs, are rapidly evolving to be powerful platforms for tomorrow's exa-scale computing. The Intel<sup>&#x00AE;</sup> Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture is Intel's first step towards heterogeneous computing. This paper investigates the(More)
Image segmentation is one of the substantial techniques in the field of image processing. It is excessively used in the field of medicine provides visual means for identification, inspection and tracking of diseases for surgical planning and simulation. Active contours or snakes are used extensively for image segmentation and processing applications,(More)
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