Rama K. Yedavalli

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We consider a continuous-space shortest path problem in a two-dimensional plane. This is the problem of finding a trajectory that starts at a given point, ends at the boundary of a compact set of <, and minimizes a cost function of the form s 0 r(x(t)) dt + q(x(T )). For a discretized version of this problem, a Dijkstra-like method that requires one(More)
Al~zract--In this paper, the problem of matrix root clustering in sub-regions of complex plane for linear state space models with real parameter uncertainty is considered. The nominal matrix root clustering theory of Gutman and Jury (1981, I E E E Trans. Aut. Control, AC-26, 403) using Generalized Lyapunov Equation is extended to the perturbed matrix case(More)
Sensor-actuator networks are increasingly being used in distributed control of large scale systems. Often these applications are mission-critical and are required to maintain satisfactory performance in the presence of component failures. On the one hand, sensor-actuator network components are becoming inexpensive but they also tend to be unreliable,(More)
The main objective of the proposed research is to improve various stability and handling qualities (such as Roll Over stability, Lane Change maneuver stability etc) of military, off road, unmanned multi-body ground vehicles within as wide operating envelope as possible under the presence of uncertainty in vehicle model parameters as well as under various(More)
This paper revisits the problem of checking the robust stability of matrix families generated by interval parameters in a matrix. Previous research on this topic (including that of this author) erroneously assumed that this family can be represented as a standard convex combination of vertex matrices (matrices evaluated at the end points of the interval(More)