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Of the 4170 open intracardiac operations performed at our hospital in the last 6 years, 55 (1.3%) were reoperations. Of these failed valve repairs or valve substitutes formed the major group (58%) and the interval between first and second operation ranged from 6 months to 8 years. There were 4 deaths on table and another 6 patients died during their(More)
We present the exact rogue wave solutions of the quasi-one-dimensional inhomogeneous Gross-Pitaevskii equation by using similarity transformation. Then, by employing the exact analytical solutions we have studied the controllable behavior of rogue waves in the Bose-Einstein condensates context for the experimentally relevant systems. Additionally, we have(More)
—We have solved the Burgers-Fisher (BF) type equations, with time-dependent coefficients of convection and reaction terms, by using the auxiliary equation method. A class of solitary wave solutions are obtained, and some of which are derived for the first time. We have studied the effect of variable coefficients on physical parameters (amplitude and(More)
CT hyperattenuation arising from iodinated contrast has a different temporal evolution than that arising due to hemorrhage. This paper presents a method for optimal discrimination between hemorrhage and iodinated contrast in a postintervention CT in stroke patients. We analyzed the brain computed tomography (CT) scans of consecutive patients with(More)
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