Ram U. Thombare

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Role of complete dentures in reducing apnea-hypoapnea index in edentulous obstructive sleep apnea patient has shown promising results in previous studies. This study was undertaken to ascertain the role of complete denture and complete denture with slight increase in vertical dimension using custom made occlussal jig, on retropharyngeal space, posterior(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to decide the most appropriate point on tragus to be used as a reference point at time of marking ala tragus line while establishing occlusal plane. MATERIALS AND METHODS THE DATA WAS COLLECTED IN TWO GROUPS OF SUBJECTS: 1) Dentulous 2) Edentulous group having sample size of 30 for each group with equal gender(More)
AIMS To compare and evaluate Candida removing effects of three most commonly available varieties of commercial denture cleansers from heat polymerized acrylic resins. To compare and evaluate Candida lytic effects of denture cleansers. To assess the effect of time on ability of denture cleansers in reducing Candidal biofilm. MATERIALS AND METHODS A(More)
Management of bilateral cleft lip and palate cases is a challenging task, and if the premaxilla is shifted to either side, it poses a problem for the surgeon to operate and also for the orthodontist to do the orthodontic alignment. The aim of this study was to reposition the shifted premaxilla for better retraction with presurgical infant orthopedics, thus(More)
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