Ram Sevak Singh

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Hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) or "white graphene" has many outstanding properties including high thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, chemical inertness, and high electrical resistance, which open up a wide range of applications such as thermal interface material, protective coatings, and dielectric in nanoelectronics that easily exceed the(More)
Large-area patterning of epitaxial graphene for Schottky junction photodetectors has been demonstrated with a simple laser irradiation method. In this method, semimetal-semiconductor Schottky junctions are created in a controllable pattern between epitaxial graphene (EG) and laser-modified epitaxial graphene (LEG). The zero-biased EG-LEG-EG photodetector(More)
Burning increased the mean annual canopy and belowground biomass of a dry tropical savanna by 40% and 12%, respectively, while littermass was reduced by 85% in comparison to control savanna. Mean annual aboveground and belowground net primary production were 471 and 631 g m-2 in control, and 584 and 688 g m-2 in burned savanna, respectively. Fire caused an(More)
The objective of present study was to cultivate the mixed culture of microalgae in airlift photobioreactor in batch mode and to find out the effect of various parameters on CO2 biofixation rate of microalgae. Microalgae collected from local pond were cultivated in airlift photobioreactor having working volume of 5 L for 12 d. The initial inoculum(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials, including graphene and boron nitride (BN), have been of intense interest in recent years due to their exceptional electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties. Tailoring these novel properties to their maximum potential requires precise control of the atomic layer growth process. In recent years, catalytic growth of 2-D(More)
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