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Public employment programs play a major role in the anti-poverty strategy of many developing countries, but their impact on poverty reduction could be attenuated or amplified by changes they induce in private labor market wages and employment. We estimate these general equilibrium effects using a large-scale experiment that randomized the roll-out of a(More)
In India agriculture is operated and maintained by family of farmers. The proper financial accounting is not maintained in agriculture. Attention should be given on proper accounting in agriculture. The incomplete records are maintained on cash basis. Proper maintenance of accounts is useful for owners, government and research agencies. Government decided(More)
There is no need to recall here the details of the terrible happenings at Ayodhya on December 6th, 1992, events aptly described as the greatest blow to the Indian polity and to secularism in this nation since the assassination of the Mahatma. Every secular-minded citizen perhaps has his or her way of relating to the barbaric demolition of the sixteenth(More)
— Agriculture plays predominant role in Indian economy. More than two thirds people in rural areas are engaged in agriculture and its allied activities. Presently agriculture is treated as an industry; cost benefit analysis is required for benefits of farmers. Most of the farmers are not maintaining proper accounting record and not using statistical and(More)
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