Ram Sethuraman

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IIO abstraction is offered as a new high-level approach to interprocess communication. Functional components of a distributed system are written as encapsulated modules that act upon local data structures, some of which may be published for external use. Relationships among modules are specified by logical connections among their published data structures.(More)
We present a voice-activated, hands-off, ATM-based video conferencing application. The application, called Vaudeville, features high quality NTSC video, voice-activated audio transmission, audio bridging of two audio streams, and voice-activated video switching. It supports multiple simultaneous multi-party conferences using a scalable multicast mechanism.(More)
The Programmers' Playground is a programming environment that supports end-user construction of distributed multimedia applications. The system implements a new programming model that is based, in part, upon ideas from the formal I/O automaton model of Lynch and Tuttle. Important features of The Programmers' Playground are a separation of communication and(More)
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