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We define information systems as being conditionally conservative if they produce finer information at lower expected income levels. We then study the preference for information systems of differing levels of conditional conservatism among DM’s with varying attributes including risk aversion and prudence. Similar to the Arrow-Pratt measure of risk aversion,(More)
While there is much evidence on corporate boards mitigating agency problems, there is little on whether boards help managers make better decisions. We provide evidence that strong and independent boards help overconfident CEOs avoid honest mistakes when they seek to acquire other companies. In addition, we find that once-overconfident CEOs make better(More)
Assembly/disassembly operations are commonly found in repair and remanufacturing facilities of aircrafts and locomotives industries. Such facilities disassemble critical equipment, inspect them to identify defective components, repair or replace selective components, and re-assemble the product back into original functionality. Efficient and timely(More)
We present an overview of a novel customer support system developed at QUIQ between 1999 and 2003. The application was perhaps the first systematic use of mass collaboration, which builds on the observation that large communities of users can be effectively leveraged to help each other, and to advance the interests of the community as a whole. In recent(More)
In this RFID system, the student shows RFID tag which initiates the camera and a face is captured and recognized so that attendance is marked. During the class hours Ultrasonic sensor is activated. If a student leaves in between the class hours or comes late to the class, Ultrasonic sensor is triggers the camera is initiated, which captures the Image and it(More)
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