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Nature which consists of so many variabilities of living components of the environment possesses useful, harmful and inactive chemical constituents. The classification based on these chemical constituents is known as chemotaxonomy. All the living components of the environment produce secondary metabolites that are derived from primary metabolites. The(More)
Recently, there has been great interest in the integration of distributed generation units at the distribution level. The foreseeable large use of DG in the future requires the distribution system engineers to properly take into account its impact in the system planning. When considering DG impact the attention should be paid in the siting and sizing of DG(More)
VOS (voice Operated Switch) is a switch that operates when sound over a certain threshold is detected. It is usually used to turn on a transmitter or recorder when someone speaks and turn it off when they stop speaking. It is used instead of a push-to-talk button on transmitters or to save storage space on recording devices. Unlike push-to-talk (PTT)(More)
AIM The present study focuses on analyzing the effects of Sudarshan Kriya yoga (SKY) on EEG as well as ECG signals for stress regulation. To envision the regulation of stress Determination Test (DT) has been used. We have chosen a control group for contriving a cogent comparison that could be corroborated using statistical tests. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A(More)
This paper presents a systematic ap­proach for the design and implementation of temperature controller us­ing Intelligent Fuzzy-PID Hybrid Controller for Temperature control in Process Industry. The proposed approach employs PID based intelligent fuzzycontroller for determination of the optimal results than PID con­troller parameters for a previously(More)
Image processing is a field consists of various stages for processing an image .One of the most important stage of image processing is image enhancement which effects the pictorial view of an image. In image enhancement, noise removal is very important and for this image filters are used.This paper provides a detailed study of various filtering techniques.(More)