Ram P. Manohar

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In this work, we use a symbolic algebra package to derive a family of nite diierence approximations for the biharmonic equation on a 9 point compact stencil. The solution and its rst derivatives are carried as unknowns at the grid points. Dirichlet boundary conditions are thus incorporatednaturally. Since the approximations use the 9 point compact stencil,(More)
To assess the prevalence and severity of developmental defects and their relationship to fluoride levels in drinking water. 739 (406 male and 333 female) schoolchildren aged 13 years formed the study population. We used the ion selective electrode method to estimate the fluoride concentration in drinking water. A modified developmental defects of enamel(More)
Polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma is a rare type of minor salivary gland malignancy. The characteristic features of these tumors are the varied histomorphology and the malignant, albeit indolent behavior. It occurs commonly in the minor salivary glands, with the palate (58.5%) being the most common intra oral site. Maxillary area (2%), mandibular(More)
Purpose: Accuracy in dose prediction of dose calculation algorithms is very important aspect in external beam radiation therapy. This study investigates the effect of deformity on dose calculations computed by treatment planning system. Methods: A phantom (30x30x30 cm3) containing rectangular solid water blocks and two 5cm air gaps was used for central axis(More)
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