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Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are massive data parallel processors. High performance comes only at the cost of identifying data parallelism in the applications while using data parallel processors like GPU. This is an easy effort for applications that have regular memory access and high computation intensity. GPUs are equally attractive for sparse matrix(More)
Efficiency of seamless handover in heterogeneous networks depends on the factors such as handoff delay, number of handovers and packet drop during handovers. Improving the efficiency of seamless handover in multiple mobile broadband access technologies depends on selecting suitable handover time and interface, is the challenging issue in next generation(More)
Three dimensional (3D) reconstruction of the tumor from medical images is an important operation in the medical field as it helps the radiologist in the diagnosis, surgical planning and biological research. Thus in this paper, we propose an effective and efficient approach to 3D reconstruction of brain tumor and estimation of its volume from a set of two(More)
Cloud computing has transmuted the IT industry on the whole and made easy to access the resources from anywhere and at anytime. These resources can be accessed as a service rather than as a product. Clients pay for the service used as per their requirement. The huge demand of cloud computing has given rise to the creation of hefty amount of data centers.(More)
With the advance of various wireless access technologies, the demand for a mobile user equipped with multiple air interfaces simultaneously executing diverse applications emerged. In such network environments, per-application mobility management is a key to allow each application of an end user device to dynamically and fully take advantage of the most(More)
In this paper, the aim is to build a hybrid Word Sense Disambiguation(WSD) technique, which is acutely focused on text associated with a certain form of visual. Natural language processing helps establish a context among the data elements that are aggregated to establish a certain meaning. Analyzing transcripts of visuals being uploaded in real-time saves(More)
In most electronic video applications, video with Higher Resolution(HR) are often required. HR video can offer more details that may be critical in various applications like Video Surveillance. Super resolution technique refers to generation of high resolution image from low resolution image by adding some extra information. Super resolution allows us to(More)