Ram Lal Shrestha

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In this work, govaniadine, an alkaloid isolated from Corydalis govaniana Wall. was evaluated for its analgesic activity by writhing and hot-plate tests. Govaniadine did not display any toxic effects in mice up to 20 mg/kg during 24 h assessment study. The acetic acid-induced writhing was significantly reduced by pretreatment with govaniadine in a(More)
Leishmaniasis is one of the World's most problematic diseases in developing countries. Traditional medicines to treat leishmaniasis have serious side effects, as well as significant parasite resistance problems. In this work, two alkaloids 1 and 2 were obtained from Corydalis govaniana Wall and seven alkaloids 3-9, were obtained from Erythrina verna. The(More)
Govaniadine (GOV) is an alkaloid isolated from Corydalis govaniana Wall. It has been reported to show a different number of biological activities including anti-urease, leishmanicidal and antinociceptive. The present study aims to characterize the GOV in vitro metabolism after incubation with rat and human liver microsomes (RLM and HLM, respectively) and to(More)
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