Ram Kumar Mishra

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  • Ram Kumar Mishra, Papia Chakraborty, Alexei Arnaoutov, Beatriz M.A. Fontoura, Mary Dasso
  • 2010
laevis (xNups) and mammalian nucleoporins (hsNups) and !-TuRC. Supplemental Figure 2: !-TuRC and Nup107-160 localization at kinetochores. a. Nocodazole-arrested HeLa cells were stained by indirect immunofluorescence with antibodies against Nup107 (upper panel, green), !-tubulin (middle panel, green) and Nup160 (lower panel, green) in second column and CREST(More)
Rho-associated protein kinase (ROCK) plays a key role in regulating a variety of cellular processes, and dysregulation of ROCK signaling or expression is implicated in numerous diseases and infections. ROCK proteins have therefore emerged as validated targets for therapeutic intervention in various pathophysiological conditions such as diabetes-related(More)
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