Ram Krishan Gautam

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METHOD The daily changes in respiratory function were monitored in 16 healthy male road inductees at sea level (SL) and at high altitudes (HA) of 3110 m, 3445 m, and 4177 m. Identical studies were also carried out on acclimatized low landers (ALL) staying at 3110 m and at 4177 m for 2 years. RESULTS Ventilation, tidal volume, and respiratory rate showed(More)
This study was done by collecting the retrospective data from 1994 to 2009 of patients attending the urban leprosy centre attached to the department of dermatology, STD & leprosy of PGIMER & Dr. R M L Hospital, New Delhi. The data was analysed according to age, sex, type of leprosy, leprosy reactions, deformities and relapse and compared with the national(More)
Fifty patients of neurodermatitis attending the dermatology clinic of a general hospital were screened for psychiatric morbidity. Fifty patients suffering from tinea from the same clinic were taken as a control group (age, sex and socio-economic class matched). A majority of neurodermatitis patients were between 21-30 years of age-group (52%), males (84%),(More)
The histopathological features in type I (lepra) reaction comprised a loose and disorganised granuloma in the upper and mid-dermis, dermal edema and variable cellular contents, namely, epithelioid cells, lymphocytes, giant cells, and macrophages. While ENL reactions, were characterised by predominant involvement of subcutaneous vessels, vasculitis, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate serum leptin levels in obese Indian children and its correlation to anthropometric and biochemical parameters. DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING Referral tertiary hospital. METHODOLOGY Leptin levels were measured in 36 children (26 boys, age 1.5 to 15 years) and 37 adults (21 men, age 25 to 69 years) with obesity and 29 normal weight(More)