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T he Internet and the applications it enables have transformed data center architectures from a simple single-server model to a multitier model in which Web servers, application servers, databases, and storage servers work together to respond to each client's request. As a result, overall application performance has become more dependent on the efficiency(More)
Adoption of the 10GbE Ethernet standard has been impeded by two important performance-oriented considerations: 1) processing requirements of common protocol stacks and 2) end-to-end latency. The overheads of typical software based protocol stacks on CPU utilization and throughput have been well evaluated in several recent studies. In this paper, we focus on(More)
Recent I/O technologies such as PCI-Express and 10Gb Ethernet enable unprecedented levels of I/O bandwidths in mainstream platforms. However, in traditional architectures, memory latency alone can limit processors from matching 10 Gb inbound network I/O traffic. We propose a platform-wide method called Direct Cache Access (DCA) to deliver inbound I/O data(More)
Using the Architecture Design and Assessment System (ADAS), the processor level architecture of an example computer system is first represented as a directed graph. Then, a method of simulating instruction execution as a sequence of data trans$ers between the nodes of the graph is presented. The simulation methodology provides flexibility in observing the(More)