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 Automatic visual inspection and defect detection on Variable Data Prints Marie Vans, Sagi Schein, Carl Staelin, Pavel Kisilev, Steven Simske, Ram Dagan, Shlomo Harush HP Laboratories HPL-2008-163R1 Variable data printing, high-speed inspection, print defect detection, scanning, GPU We propose a system for automatic, on-line visual inspection and print(More)
We present a new real-time disk scheduling algorithm, Concurrent Scheduler or CSched, which maximizes throughput for modern storage devices while providing real-time access guarantees, with computational costs of O(log n). To maximize performance it ensures request concurrency at the device and maximizes the depth of a new Limited Cyclical SCAN (L-CSCAN)(More)
1. Introduction The modular program system KAPROS [1] has been developed in the research centre Karlsruhe for nuclear reactor investigations for more than 30 years. Although in the beginning it also was a main objective to include codes for thermal hydraulic calculations , for safety analysis, for transient analysis, etc., up to few years ago mainly modules(More)
The Boltzmann Transport equation is the governing formalism upon which simulations of nuclear reactors are performed, in particular when strong absorption or anisotropic scattering are significant. On the left (loss) hand side of the balance equation one finds the absorption and the scattering cross section La(E' ), L5 (E' ) respectively. Those cross(More)
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