Ram Chivukula

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This article presents the results of a noise survey at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. Results include equivalent sound pressure levels (L(eq)) as a function of location, frequency, and time of day. At all locations and all times of day, the L(eq) indicate that a serious problem exists. No location is in compliance with current World Health(More)
Precision electroweak data are generally believed to constrain the Higgs boson mass to lie below approximately 190 GeV at 95% confidence level. The standard Higgs model is, however, trivial and can only be an effective field theory valid below some high energy scale characteristic of the underlying nontrivial physics. Corrections to the custodial isospin(More)
We analyze the spectrum and properties of a highly-deconstructed Higgsless model with only three sites. Such a model contains sufficient complexity to incorporate interesting physics issues related to fermion masses and electroweak observables, yet remains simple enough that it could be encoded in a Matrix Element Generator program for use with Monte Carlo(More)
Compactified five dimensional Yang-Mills theory results in an effective four-dimensional theory with a Kaluza-Klein (KK) tower of massive vector bosons. We explicitly demonstrate that the scattering of the massive vector bosons is unitary at tree-level for low energies, and analyze the relationship between the unitarity violation scale in the KK theory and(More)
We study electroweak symmetry breaking involving the seesaw mechanism of quark condensation. These models produce a composite Higgs boson involving the left-handed top quark, yet the top mass arises naturally at the observed scale. We describe a schematic model which illustrates the general dynamical ideas. We also consider a generic low-energy effective(More)
Recently, “Higgsless” models of electroweak symmetry breaking have been proposed. Based on compactified five-dimensional gauge theories, these models achieve unitarity of electroweak boson self-interactions through the exchange of a tower of massive vector bosons rather the exchange of a scalar Higgs boson. In this paper, using deconstruction, we analyze(More)
In this note we examine the properties of deconstructed Higgsless models for the case of a fermion whose SU(2) properties arise from delocalization over many sites of the deconstructed lattice. We derive expressions for the correlation functions and use these to establish a generalized consistency relation among correlation functions. We discuss the form of(More)
Recent results from CDF indicate that the inclusive cross section for jets with ET > 200 GeV is significantly higher than that predicted by QCD. We describe here a simple flavor-universal variant of the “coloron”model of Hill and Parke that can accommodate such a jet excess, and which is not in contradiction with other experimental data. As such, the model(More)
Recently, Son and Stephanov have considered an “open moose” as a possible dual model of a QCD-like theory of chiral symmetry breaking. In this note we demonstrate that although the Weinberg sum rules are satisfied in any such model, the relevant sums converge very slowly and in a manner unlike QCD. Further, we show that such a model satisfies a set of(More)