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Chakka, R. and I. Mitrani, Heterogeneous multiprocessor systems with breakdowns: performance and optimal repair strategies, Theoretical Computer Science 125 (1994) 91-109. A model of a system with N parallel processors subject to occasional interruptions of service, and a common unbounded queue fed by a Poisson arrival stream, is analyzed in the steady(More)
1. The MM ∑K k=1 CPPk/GE/c/L G-Queue It is well known that the traffic in today’s telecommunication systems often exhibits burstiness i.e. batches of transmission units (e.g. packets) arrive together with correlation among the interarrival times [12]. Several models have been proposed to model such arrival-service processes, queues and networks. These(More)
Open queuing network systems are useful in the computer industry. In this paper, a multi-node open network, with heterogeneous nodes, each node serving external as well as routed internal arrivals of jobs is considered. The nodes are prone to failures and repairs, the buffers are of finite size. An approximate performability model is developed based on an(More)
Optical packet and burst switching have been proposed for networks because of the increased demand for capacity to transport traffic generated by various applications at present and in future. In optical packet switching networks the payload and the header of a packet are conveyed in the same channel, while burst switching networks allow the separate(More)
We obtain the queue length probability distribution at equilibrium for a multi-server queue with generalised exponential service time distribution and either finite or infinite waiting room. This system is modulated by a continuous time Markov phase process. In each phase, the arrivals are a superposition of a positive and a negative arrival stream, each of(More)