Ram C. Naidu

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The cochlear frequency map is believed to depend on the progressive decrease in partition stiffness from base to apex. Measurements on cochleae from human cadavers by von Békésy (1960) suggested that the elasticity of the partition increases by a factor of 100 from the stapes to the helicotrema. However, conventional models require a factor of nearly 10,000(More)
Single energy computed tomography (CT) scanners use measurements of densities to detect explosives in luggage. It is desirable to apply dual energy techniques to these CT scanners to obtain atomic number measurements to reduce false alarm rates. However, the direct application of existing dual energy techniques has practical problems, such as, approximation(More)
We present an algorithm to reconstruct helical cone beam computed tomography (CT) data acquired at variable pitch. The algorithm extracts a halfscan segment of projections using an extended version of the advanced single slice rebinning (ASSR) algorithm. ASSR rebins constant pitch cone beam data to fan beam projections that approximately lie on a plane that(More)
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