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In this study, a novel approach to determine heating patterns using chemical marker (M-2) yield and computer vision was developed for packaged foods after microwave sterilization. Due to various constraints of temperature measurement devices such as fiber-optic temperature sensors, thermocouples, and infrared sensors, there is a need to develop an accurate(More)
This research was to investigate the feasibility for developing a short-time sterilization protocol for a highly inhomogeneous food prepackaged in polymeric trays using 915 MHz microwave (MW) energy. A 915-MHz, single-mode, 10-kW pilot-scale MW system developed at Washing State University was used for this study. The inhomogeneous food consisted of sliced(More)
A major challenge in developing advanced thermal processess based on electromagnetic heating is to determine the location of cold spots in foods. A rapid and reliable method was developed in this study with the aim to effectively locate the cold spot in model food sterilized in microwave systems. The developed method involved application of chemical marker(More)
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