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We propose a hardware-based intrusion detection approach called CONtrol-flow VERification SystEm (CONVERSE), which ensures control-flow integrity by verifying the destination of control-flow branches at runtime. Many techniques exist for an attacker to alter control-flow to trigger malicious behavior, such as stack and heap overflows which overwrite a(More)
Cyberattackers often attack the weakest point of system, which is increasingly the people who use and interact with a computer-based system. A great deal of research has been dedicated to protection of computer-based assets, but by exploiting human vulnerabilities, an attacker can circumvent many computer-based defenses. Phishing emails are a common form of(More)
As computer security approaches improve, social engineering attacks have become more prevalent because they exploit human vulnerabilities which are hard to automatically protect. We present an approach to detecting a social engineering attack which applies natural language processing techniques to identify suspicious comments made by an attacker. Social(More)
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