Ram Balasubramanian

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Lightweight cryptography is an interesting phenomenon that provides the perfect trade-off among security, higher throughput, low-power consumption, and compactness. Designing lightweight cryptography is a challenging issue. In this paper, Mixcolumn operation in the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is modified based on cellular automata functions. AES(More)
—A common approach to pattern classification problems is to train a bank of layered perceptrons or other classifiers by clustering the input training data and training each classifier with just the data from a specific cluster. There is no provision in such an approach, however, to assure the component layered perceptron is well suited to learn the training(More)
Effective scheduling strategies to improve response times, throughput and utilization are important considerations in large scale computing environments. The nearly Space Sharing strategies resulted in low system utilization and large job waiting times. Gang scheduling combines both space sharing and time sharing. This paper analyses the Gang Scheduling(More)
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