Ram Bahadur Patel

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In wireless sensor networks (WSN), an ideal transport layer needs to support reliable message delivery and provide congestion control in an efficient manner in order to extend the lifetime of a WSN. The main use of transport protocol in WSN is to overcome the congestion and the reliability with energy efficiency. In this paper, we develop a reliable and(More)
Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is a promising switching paradigm for all-optical WDM networks. It combines advantages of both Optical circuit switching (OCS) and Optical packet switching (OPS) and avoids the disadvantages. In this paper, we present a dumb-bell topology as our simulation network. We are using three different variants of TCP that are(More)
UNLABELLED HgsDb, a database is developed to organize the data under a single platform to facilitate easy access for researcher to get information on migration and molecular risk assessment. In past, human beings migrate from one place to other over the globe in search of food and better habitat, where they got adapted. These adaptations are visible in the(More)
Data Mining(DM) technique is used to mine interesting hidden knowledge from large databases using various computational techniques/ tools. Association Rule Mining(ARM) today is one of the most important aspects of DM tasks. In ARM all the strong association rules are generated from the Frequent Itemsets. In this study a central Data Warehouse based(More)
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