Ramón Vicente

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The use of di-2-pyridyl ketone oxime, (py)2CNOH, in manganese carboxylate chemistry has been investigated. Using a variety of synthetic routes complexes [Mn(O2CPh)2{(py)2CNOH}2].0.25H2O (1.0.25H2O), Mn4(O2CPh)2{(py)2CO2}2{(py)2CNO}2Br2].MeCN (2.MeCN), [Mn4(O2CPh)2{(py)2CO2}2{(py)2CNO}2Cl(2)].2MeCN (3.2MeCN), [Mn4(O2CMe)2{(py)2CO2}2{(py)2CNO}2Br2].2MeCN(More)
Aerobic reactions of Co(O(2)CMe)(2).4H(2)O with di-2-pyridyl ketone oxime (Hpko) in the presence of counterions (ClO(4)(-), PF(6-)) give the tetranuclear, mixed-valence cobalt(II/III) clusters [Co(II)(2)Co(III)(2)(OR)(2)(O(2)CMe)(2)(pko)(4)S(2)]X(2) [R = H, S = MeOH, X = ClO(4) (1); R = Me, S = EtOH, X = PF(6) (2)] depending on the solvent mixture.(More)
The reaction of a methanolic solution containing M(ClO(4))(2)·nH(2)O (M = Cu, Ni, Zn or Cd) or CoCl(2)·6H(2)O with bis(2-(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)ethyl)amine (bedmpza) in the presence of NaN(3) afforded the complexes [Cu(bedmpza)(μ(1,1)-N(3))](2)(ClO(4))(2) (1), [Ni(bedmpza)(N(3))(μ(1,1)-N(3))](2)·1.5H(2)O (2), [Co(bedmpza)(N(3))(2)] (3),(More)
The reaction of di-2-pyridyl ketone, (2-py)2CO, with Ni(O2CMe)(2).4H2O yields the cage [Ni9(OH)2(O2CMe)8((2-py)2CO2)4], which reacts further with N3- ions to give the structurally similar cluster [Ni9(N3)2(O2CMe)8((2-py)2CO2)4] containing extremely rare eta 1,mu 4-N3- groups; magnetic studies reveal that the spin ground state of the latter is nine times the(More)
The syntheses, structural characterization, and magnetic behavior of five new 2D manganese(II) complexes with empirical formulas [Mn(N(3))(2)(2,6-DiMepyz)(H(2)O)](n)() (1), [Mn(N(3))(2)(Etpyz)(H(2)O)](n)() (2), [Mn(N(3))(2)(H(2)O)(2)](n)()(2,3-DiMepyz)(n)() (3), [Mn(N(3))(2)(Clpyz)(2)](n)() (4), and [Mn(N(3))(2)(Ipyz)(2)](n)() (5) (pyz = pyrazine(More)
Tridentate/tetradentate Schiff base ligands L(1) and L(2), derived from the condensation of o-vanillin or pyridine-2-aldehyde with N,N-dimethylethylenediammine, react with nickel acetate or perchlorate salt and azide, cyanate, or thiocyanate to give rise to a series of dinuclear complexes of formulas [Ni(L(1))(micro(1,1)-N(3))Ni(L(1))(N(3))(OH(2))].H(2)O(More)
The syntheses, structural characterization, and magnetic behavior of two new hexanuclear copper(II) complexes derived from R-phosphonic acids and 1,3-bis(dimethylamino)-2-propanol (Hbdmap) with formulas [Cu(6)(μ-bdmap)(3)(μ(3)-Ph-PO(3))(2)(μ(3)-O···H···μ(3)-O)(ClO(4))(2)(H(2)O)]·5H(2)O (1) and(More)
[2] A. Adil and I. Vitev, " Collisional dissociation of heavy mesons in dense QCD matter, " Phys. Lett. [3] D. Antypov and C. Holm, " Osmotic coefficient calculations for dilute solutions of short stiff-chain polyelectrolytes, " Macromolecules 40 (2007) 731–738. Synchronization properties of bidirectionally coupled semiconductor lasers under asymmetric(More)