Ramón Montejano Rodríguez

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Performed correctly, the vital capacity (VC) is a useful indicator of the mechanical properties of the thorax and of neuromuscular performance. Unfortunately, its use is often limited by impaired comprehension, altered mental status, or inability to sustain forceful effort. Our purpose was to develop a measure of VC independent of subject cooperation. We(More)
Cancer is a group of diseases with a high incidence worldwide. Since existing treatments have extremely strong adverse effects and are often inaccessible to many patients, it is necessary to seek alternatives. The aim of this study was to explore the effectiveness of infusing Plumbago pulchella Boiss and its main metabolite, plumbagin, on L5178Y tumor(More)
For three years we studied the mortality and functional situation of all patients admitted in 1991 to the Neurology Service suffering from acute stroke with the exception of subarachnoid haemorrhage cases. We analyzed the cause of death whether directly related to the initial illness or not. Out of 134 patients admitted for acute stroke, 48 (41.02% of the(More)
8 cases of dementia associated with cortical Lewy bodies are dealt with, that were diagnosed in 1993 in examinations for dementia, using the Nottingham's clinical criteria. They make up 15.4% of primary degenerative dementias diagnosed in this examination. All developed a predominantly cortical dementia with variable bradiphrenia and a parkinsonian syndrome(More)
The estimation of the size of the structures of the temporal lobe using magnetic resonance (MR) can be of assistance when diagnosing early degenerative dementia. We have carried out a survey on 17 patients with Alzheimer type dementia (ATD). They were classified in clinical stages according to the Reisberg global deterioration scale. As diagnostic criteria(More)
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