Ramón Magarolas

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The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of occupational asthma and sensitization to workplace allergens in greenhouse flower and/or ornamental plant growers. A random sample of 40 growers who cultivated such crops and had participated in the European Farmers' Study was selected for a cross-sectional study that included (1) greenhouse(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the prevalences and regional risk factors for respiratory symptoms in European and Californian farmers. Farmers participating in the 1993-1997 surveys performed in Europe (n = 7,188) and California (n = 1,839) were included in this cross-sectional study. Respiratory symptoms and farming characteristics were assessed by(More)
BACKGROUND In animal farming, respiratory disease has been associated with indoor air contaminants and an excess in FEV1 decline. Our aim was to determine the characteristics and risk factors for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in never-smoking European farmers working inside animal confinement buildings. METHODS A sample of participants in(More)
BACKGROUND A high prevalence of asthma has been reported in poultry farmers. Our aim was to determine air contaminants in poultry confinement buildings and the prevalence of occupational asthma in these workers. PATIENTS AND METHOD Spanish poultry farmers who participated in the European Study Prevalence and Risk Factors for Airway Obstruction in Farmers,(More)
Crop farming as a risk factor for respiratory symptoms of obstructive lung disease was assessed. Random samples of crop farmers from four European countries were studied following a cross-sectional design. A questionnaire on respiratory symptoms and occupation was administered to determine prevalences, and the roles of the various crops as risk factors for(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate hospitalizations from pneumococcal pneumonia in older adults with specific underlying chronic conditions, evaluating the influence of these conditions in developing pneumonia. METHODS Population-based cohort study involving 27,204 individuals ≥ 60 years old in Southern Catalonia, Spain. All cases of hospitalization from(More)
Although pleural involvement is relatively common in cystic hydatid disease, one of the rarest and least known complications is secondary pleural hydatidosis. We report the case of a patient who presented with polycystic secondary pleural hydatidosis 4 yrs after treatment for a pyopneumothorax caused by rupture of a pulmonary cyst near the pleural space.(More)
Multiple primary cancer (MPC), a rare finding, is most often seen in the breast. In the lung, this cancer is rare (accounting for between 1.5 and 3% of cases), with epidermoid carcinoma usually being the principal tumor. The presentation of small-cell carcinoma as the principal tumor in MPC is thought to be extremely rare. The criteria for pulmonary MPC(More)
BACKGROUND A cross-sectional study was performed to determine the prevalence of respiratory symptoms in farmers and to assess occupational risk factors for respiratory symptoms in this population. METHOD A questionnaire on respiratory symptoms and occupation was mailed to a sample of 1,191 farmers with descriptive analysis of the symptoms and multivariate(More)