Ramón José Pérez

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Although progress has been made in resolving the genetic pathways that specify neuronal asymmetries in the brain, little is known about genes that mediate the development of structural asymmetries between neurons on left and right. In this study, we identify daam1a as an asymmetric component of the signalling pathways leading to asymmetric morphogenesis of(More)
Measurements of the temperature dependence in the range from 10 C to 30 C on the passive and dynamic electrical properties of single frog muscle cell following Arrhenius relation have been made. The propagated responses (V-t) and conduction velocity theta were analyzed following the H-H propagated cable equation. The ionic current-membrane potential(More)
This article presents, by means of computational simulation tools, a full analysis and design of an Interferometric Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (IFOG) prototype based on a closed-loop configuration with sinusoidal bias phase- modulation. The complete design of the different blocks, optical and electronic, is presented, including some novelties as the sinusoidal(More)
developmental terms, the data presented here suggest that developmental gene loss was highly significant as well. Despite recent progress in understanding of how left–right (L– R) asymmetry is generated during vertebrate development, many important questions still unanswered. One such question concerns the mechanism by which the signal responsible for the(More)
A programmed digital stimulator is described, in which the pulse generator can be regulated in frequency and duration. The output pulses amplitude increases automatically by increments under 5% of the previous step, sequence which allows a much better approximation to the threshold value of action potential. A photographic camera is synchronized for(More)
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