Ramón J. Flores

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We show that for elementary amenable groups the Hirsch length is equal to the Bredon homological dimension. This also implies that countable elementary amenable groups admit a finite-dimensional model for EG of dimension less than or equal to the Hirsch length plus one. Some remarks on groups of type FP∞ are also made. Bredon cohomology groups have been(More)
Prototype fragrances, prepared from common fragrance components, were extracted with water, recovered, and characterized by gas chromatography before and after the water treatment, revealing a significant loss of the more water-soluble components. Unextracted prototype fragrances were also microencapsulated by a gelatin/gum arabic coacervation process. The(More)
Let G be a discrete group for which the classifying space for proper G-actions is finite-dimensional. We find a space W such that for any such G, the classifying space BG for proper G-bundles has the homotopy type of the W -nullification of BG. We use this to deduce some results concerning BG and in some cases where there is a good model for BG we obtain(More)
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