Ramón González del Campo

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In this paper we define interval-valued relations. It is defined reflexive, symmetric and T-transitive properties of interval-valued relations, and the transitive closure of an interval-valued relation. Finally, we propose a algorithm to compute the transitive closure. Some examples are given and some properties are studied.
Labeling is crucial in the performance of solving timetabling problems with constraint programming. Traditionally, labeling strategies are based on static and dynamic information about variables and their domains, and selecting variables and values to assign. However, the size of combinatorial problems tractable by these techniques is limited. In this(More)
In this paper a new weak transitive property for interval-valued fuzzy relations (IVFRs) is introduced. Weak T -transitivity is equivalent to T -transitivity when the IVFR is a fuzzy relation and T = (T, T ) for a triangular norm T . Otherwise it is a weaker property than T -transitive one relaxing the need that all intervals must be comparable and must(More)